Free Spins

Win without any risk! If you want to play a game and potentially get a great prize, free spins are a great way to do so. Some casinos offer "free spins" as a way to play games without using your own money.


The casino itself gives you money on their website. This is possible because in order to play on a casino website you usually need to turn in money (GBP, USD, EUR) for website tokens. But instead of paying for website tokens, the casino can just give you tokens which you can use for spins.

One of the most fun things to do on an online casino is play the slots. Slot machines on online casinos are designed to be essentially identical to slot machines in real life, with the same fun themes, and the same general probability of winning a big pot.

Free spins let you get involved and play games without having to risk your own cash. Sometimes you can get free spins as a newcomer promotion: you just sign up and the free spins are credited to your account. Other casinos will give you free spins the more you're involved. You may play games every day to "earn" extra spins or you may just get extra spins every week. You never need to pay for these spins and you'll still be able to collect any earnings you get out of the spins, which makes it an economical way to keep playing every day.

Spins can't always be used on every single game in a casino: sometimes the spins are limited to a specific game. Other casinos let you use your spins anywhere. You do need to be careful occasionally because your "free spins" account balance is usually different from your "real money" account balance. When you play a game, you should make sure you've selected "free spins" rather than your actual account balance, or you could end up spending money for your free spin. Otherwise, free spins don't take any additional activation: they're just added to your account.

Signing up for a casino that offers regular free spins can be a way to indulge in online casinos without any significant outlay of cash. And, of course, every casino does use free spins differently, so it's a good idea to read up on the casino itself and find out how often they give out free spins, where free spins can be used, and how you'll know that you've run out of free spins. You can sign up for multiple casinos if you want and get free spins from multiple casinos at the same time, thereby making it possible to play a lot of different games without spending a cent.

Some casinos also let you earn additional free spins by signing other people up, by using the site regularly, or by investing in "premium" versions of casino accounts. If you like the idea of playing games for free, promoting different casinos could be a good way to "earn" more spins without having to invest a lot of money into your gaming. Free spins themselves generally cannot be redeemed for any form of cash, but the earnings that result from free spins are still earnings all the same. (Of course, sometimes free spins can also be used in games that only offer digital currency or digital goods, but these are usually clearly marked.)

In most casinos, free spins will pay out earnings just like a paid spin, and you'll be able to cash out those earnings with the website all the same. Overall, many casinos offer free spins as a promotional tool and a way to keep you coming back! Free spins are a fun way to keep playing without paying.